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We are thankful that your law firm is advocating on behalf of our countries veterans.  As you know, many veteran clients are suffering from service-related injuries, emotional problems and multiple other challenges that make finding sustainable employment difficult. When they apply to the Veterans Administration they are often denied because they are deemed to able to do sedentary work in light of your disabilities. The same thing often applies when they apply for Social Security Disability.

Over the years we have worked with many law firms representing veterans helping them appeal the denial of benefits from both the VA and Social Security.  Our services listed below can help you with your client’s claims with the Veterans Administration and Social Security Administration.

Vocational Evaluation & Report

Vocational Evaluation is required in veterans disability cases to document IU & TDIU showing how service-connected disabilities prevent the veteran from maintaining a substantial gainful employment. These reports include an interview with the veteran obtaining educational levels, past work experience, and physical or psychological impairment, as well as a review of the entire C file, rationale, and vocational opinion. These reports are being provided on a nationwide basis. When a veteran’s service-connected disability prevents them from obtaining substantial gainful occupations, they are entitled to a 100% disability rating.

Transferable Skills Analysis

Transferable Skills Analysis is required when a veteran cannot return to their previous occupation. This analysis takes into consideration age, education, past employment, earnings and disability in determining if alternative occupations exist and potential future earning capacity.

Job Analysis

Job Analysis is required in determining the detailed requirements of an occupation. This analysis takes into consideration physical demands, educational requirements, and aptitudes and temperaments required to perform successfully in a particular occupation or job site.


If you would like to better understand how our services can help you or your client’s filing a claim or appeal TDIU and/or SSDI please feel free to contact us. 


Never Lost a Case When He Had Rendered His Professional Opinion

I became acquainted with Patrick Clifford and his wife as vocational experts who frequently testified at Social Security Disability hearings involving clients of mine who had applied for disability. I was impressed by their manner in testifying and their thoroughness. Later I contacted them with regard to their willingness to speak with clients prior to a hearing and render an expert opinion as to whether there were jobs that my client could perform based on the client’s past work history and their disabilities. Mr. Clifford said he would and even agreed to come to my office to interview the client. His fee for this service was very reasonable and I never lost a case when he had rendered his professional opinion the client met the Social Security criterion for total disability. Later, I represented a husband and wife with regard to severe injuries sustained by the husband when he was struck almost head-on by a vehicle that crossed the center line. The wife’s claim was for the loss of consortium. Patrick interviewed my clients, reviewed the medical records, prepared comprehensive reports concerning his injuries and his future medical expenses. Patrick’s reports were essential in helping us negotiate a very good (large) settlement for my clients. I will use him again if the need arises and I highly recommend him to anyone who is need of this type of service.

Roger Tripp

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