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We help attorneys and their client (claimants) by creating a vocational assessment report that evaluates and reports impairments that hinder their ability to perform substantial gainful employment.  Our staff has been approved to serve as Vocational Experts during hearings and appeals with the Social Security Administration.  Our years of experience with the Social Security process gives us an in-depth knowledge of what evidence needs to be present in a report for your Request for Reconsideration or your hearing with an administrative law judge.

For over 30 years, we have worked on and prepared hundreds of vocational assessment reports for claimants who are seeking benefits or appealing decisions.  Our extensive knowledge of the Social Security Administration rules, process and procedures, we can provide you with an evaluation report that accurately shows your clients ability to perform substantial gainful work.

Our vocational assessment includes:

  • a review of their records
  • work and transferable skills analysis using Social Security approved resources
  • vocational diagnostic interview
  • moreover, testing (if necessary)

We after a review of the records, education, age, work experience, skills analysis, interview and any needed testing we will produce a vocational assessment report.  Our report will focus on the claimant’s ability to obtain and maintain substantial gainful work activity.

Denied Social Security Disability?

So you have been denied Social Security Disability and they have told you that although you are disabled you can perform alternative sedentary work.  Many times the Social Security Administration will deny you your disability benefits based on your physical capacity to function. They may say that although you are disabled from your regular occupation you possess the physical capacity to function in a sedentary alternative occupation and you are denied benefits.  Download our eBook and learn what this means and what you can do about it  Download Your eBook Today!

Vocational Evaluation & Report

A Vocational Evaluation is required when physical or psychological injury prevents the individual from obtaining and maintaining substantial gainful work activity. This report includes transferable skills analysis of past work activity, analysis of education, age and how physical or psychological limitations could affect return to work in any capacity within the national economy.

Expert Witness Testimony

Evaluators at Clifford Vocational Services have been admitted as experts in thousands of hearings since 1999 by the Social Security Administration’s, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review.  We understand the criteria and evidence the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review is looking for.

Transferable Skills Analysis

A Transferable Skills Analysis is required when a worker cannot return to their previous occupation. This analysis takes into consideration age, education, past employment, earnings and disability in determining if alternative occupations exist and potential future earning capacity.

Job Analysis

A Job Analysis is required in determining the detailed requirements of an occupation. This analysis takes into consideration physical demands, educational requirements, and aptitudes and temperaments required to perform successfully in a particular occupation or job site.


If you would like to better understand how our services can help you or your client’s filing a claim or appeal TDIU and/or SSDI please feel free to contact us. 

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