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Veterans Disability Denied

How We Help Veterans With TDIU

We are all thankful for your service and everything that they have done for us, but we know many veterans are suffering from service-related injuries, emotional problems and multiple other challenges that make finding sustainable employment difficult. When you apply to the Veterans Administration you are often denied because they deem you able to do sedentary work in light of your disabilities. The same thing also applies when you apply for Social Security Disability it is determined that you are capable of sedentary work.

Over the years we have worked with many law firms representing veterans and also directly with veterans helping them appeal the denial of benefits from both the VA and Social Security.  Our services listed below can help you with your claims with the Veterans Administration and Social Security Administration

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I submitted my UI claim on Dec of 2018 along with Pat’s VA Vocational Assessment that he did for me. When I gave Pat all the documentation he needed, I was still missing some C&P reports when the due date was fast approaching. We decided to turn in the TDUI claim along with Pat’s Assessment and Professional Profile. Today is the 1st of May and when I checked my e-benefits account, walla– 100% TOTAL DISABILITY! Thank you for a great job, Mr. Clifford (and Mrs. Clifford). BTW, I was able to have most of my claims approved without the help of a VSO (too busy!). At 90%, I sought the help of Pat and he came through. I couldn’t have gotten 100% TDUI without you, sir. From a Grateful Army Vet
Bernard Barroga
Grateful Army Vet

Veterans: Has The VA Told You Can Do Sedentary Work And Denying You Benefits?

So you have been denied Disability benefits from the Veterans Administration and they have told you that although you are disabled you can perform alternative sedentary work.  Many times the Veterans Administration will deny you disability benefits based on your physical capacity to function. They may say that although you are disabled from your regular occupation you possess the physical capacity to function in a sedentary alternative occupation and you are denied benefits.  Download our eBook and learn what this means and what you can do about it

Vocational Evaluation & Report

A Vocational Evaluation is required in veterans disability cases to document IU & TDIU showing how service-connected disabilities prevent the veteran from maintaining a substantial gainful occupation. These reports include an interview with the veteran obtaining educational levels, past work experience, and physical or psychological impairment, as well as a review of the entire C file, rationale, and vocational opinion. These reports are being provided on a nationwide basis. When a veteran’s service-connected disability prevent them from obtaining substantial gainful occupations, they are entitled to a 100% disability rating.

Transferable Skills Analysis

A Transferable Skills Analysis is required when a worker cannot return to their previous occupation. This analysis takes into consideration age, education, past employment, earnings and disability in determining if alternative occupations exist and potential future earning capacity.

Job Analysis

A Job Analysis is required in determining the detailed requirements of an occupation. This analysis takes into consideration physical demands, educational requirements, and aptitudes and temperaments required to perform successfully in a particular occupation or job site.

I was out of options and looking for help in every avenue that was familiar with the Veteran Affairs and knew how to review their files. I then found a veteran forum which directed me to Mr. Clifford. He was very accommodating to me in my financial hardship and as for showing expert vocational evidence at my SSA hearing, the judge used his written Vocational assessment in my hearing. In light of the VA Voc rehab program telling me I had to wait at least a month after my period of trying to reintegrate failed before they could write my results down for me to take to my SSA hearing he gathered all my evidence and I gave him my medical records his honest and truthful assessment is how I won my SSA claim in under one year. 100% Disabled Permanent and Total Rated Veteran
Jamie F


If you would like to better understand how our services can help you file a claim or appeal TDIU and/or SSDI please feel free to contact us. 


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