About Clifford Vocational Services

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide independent vocational evaluation and disability analysis to individuals who have suffered from physical or cognitive injury. We strive to provide independent vocational opinions for both defense or plaintiff attorneys, insurance companies, employers or individuals who have Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation, Veterans Affairs, Social Security Disability, Long-Term Disability and Divorce cases.

Our experience

Vocational Evaluation Experience- 30 years
Forensic Evaluation Experience - 20 years

About Founders

patrick clifford vocational assessment

Patrick Clifford

Certified Vocational Evaluator

Forensic Vocational Evaluator

Senior Disability Analyst and Diplomat

International Psychometric Evaluator

Email: pat@cliffordvocationalservices.com

As a Vocational Evaluator, Patrick Clifford has provided vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities since 1987. He currently performs Vocational Evaluations for a variety of disabling conditions including, but not limited to, brain injury, orthopedic injury, mental retardation, psychiatric disorders, and economically disadvantaged. As part of his practice, he performs employer onsite ergonomic evaluations as well as labor market surveys and future medical cost analysis with an economic review.

Janette clifford vocational assessment

Janette Clifford

Vocational Expert

Social Security Disability Expert

Senior Disability Analyst and Diplomat

Email: jan@cliffordvocationalservices.com

As a Vocational Expert, Janette Clifford has worked in the field of Industrial Rehabilitation since 1991 working with individuals with physical and mental disabilities. She is Co-founder of Clifford Vocational Services and has been a Vocational Expert with this company since 1997. As part of her practice, she performs employer on-site job analyses and labor market surveys and provides vocational opinions for defense and plaintiff attorneys, employers, insurance companies, certified representatives or individuals.

Also, as part of her practice for the past 17 years, she has provided vocational opinions for the Social Security Administration’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, being admitted and serving as a Vocational Expert in thousands of disability hearings.